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Source file: radix-sort-key.fut

Radix sort by key

We often wish to sort an array by some property of the elements, rather than the elements themselves. The radix sort example can be modified to allow this by parameterising over a function f of type t -> u32 to sort an array of type-t elements by the integer produced by f.

def radix_sort_step [n] 't (f: t -> u32) (xs: [n]t) (b: i32): [n]t =
  let bits = map (\x -> (i32.u32 (f x >> u32.i32 b)) & 1) xs
  let bits_neg = map (1-) bits
  let offs = reduce (+) 0 bits_neg
  let idxs0 = map2 (*) bits_neg (scan (+) 0 bits_neg)
  let idxs1 = map2 (*) bits (map (+offs) (scan (+) 0 bits))
  let idxs2 = map2 (+) idxs0 idxs1
  let idxs  = map (\x->x-1) idxs2
  let xs' = scatter (copy xs) (map i64.i32 idxs) xs
  in xs'

def radix_sort [n] 't (f: t -> u32) (xs: [n]t): [n]t =
  loop xs for i < 32 do radix_sort_step f xs i

The only change compared to the original radix sort is that we use f to extract a representative integer.

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