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Source file: converting.fut

Converting a value to a different type

To convert a value of type i64 to f32, use the function f32.i64:

let x : i64 = 2
let y : f32 = f32.i64 x

Generally, to convert a value of builtin type F to builtin type T, use the function T.F:

let z : bool = bool.i64 x

This is not special syntax, but simply calling the function i64 in module bool. It just so happens that the prelude has modules defined with the same name as each of the builtin scalar functions, and that these modules contain similarly named conversion functions.

Conversion to a type with smaller size will truncate if needed. Floats converted to integers are rounded toward zero.

Converting an integer type to a larger signed integer type will perform sign extension.

Converting an integer type to a larger unsigned integer type will perform zero extension.

See also

The prelude file defining these modules, specifically the from_prim module type.