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Futhark 0.17.2 released

Posted on September 19, 2020 by Troels Henriksen

Since the release announcement for Futhark 0.16.1, we have released three versions for which we did not write a blog post. This is because the changes they contained were mostly bug fixes, small optimisations, and various other small additions. We consider this a good sign. We would like Futhark to be a fairly stable language that quietly improves behind the scenes, without users having to be made aware of the details. However, in the near future, we plan to change the language such that almost every Futhark program must be updated, and the just released version 0.17.2 (full changelog) more or less just prepares the ground. (The version is 0.17.2 and not 0.17.1 because I initially messed up the release process.)

So what are we changing? Some time ago I wrote a blog post on four design flaws in Futhark. Since then, we have addressed one of the flaws (1-indexing of tuples), and are now ready to have a go at the big one: changing the type of array sizes from i32 to i64. Specifically, the next major release of Futhark (0.18.1) will change all array sizes in Futhark to be of type i64. For reasons described in the previously linked post, this is not just an implementation detail. It is in fact a fundamental language property, and changing it will break user code. To bring some numbers into the picture, about 400 of our 1500 test programs had to be modified. Most test programs are however tiny, and a better case study is our benchmark suite, where almost every benchmark out of about 90 had to be modified. In fact, even the example program on the front page of this very website will have to change:

let average (xs: []f64) = reduce (+) 0.0 xs / r64 (length xs)

The r64 function converts a 32-bit integer to a 64-bit float, so changing the type of length to return a 64-bit integer will require us to use a different conversion function (f64.i64). Futhark programs are full of such cases. Fortunately, the changes are mostly mechanical (although not enough to automate) and straightforward to do. Still, we am well aware that this change will be painful to Futhark programmers, but this is a change that simply cannot be put off forever, and the longer we wait, the more painful it will be.

The changes in this release

That was a lot of words about something that isn’t even part of the release this post is ostensibly about. So what did we incompatibly change for 0.17.2? Fairly little:

The intent is to smoothen out the incompatible changes over two releases, to lessen the shock. In retrospect, removing a bunch of features that nobody used is not really going to soften the impact of changing such a fundamental thing as the type of sizes, but oh well. Anyway, that’s 0.17.2.